Microsoft Windows Hosted Desktop

  • Microsoft Windows Hosted Desktop

    £40.00 Setup Fee
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    • Work from anywhere at anytime with constant access to your data and applications Accesibility
    • Cost savings from not having to worry about ongoing maintenance, upgrades and other IT investments Affordability
    • You'll have constant access to your data and applications with 99.9% uptime Reliability
    • Your data will be stored securley in ISO27001 Data Centres, protected with 2048-bit encryption and regular cloud backups Data Security
    • You are able to quickly scale up or down dependng on your businesses needs - we will simply and efficently add or take away any number of desktops depending on your requirments Scalability
    • We offer 24/7 support all year round to mitagate any issues straight away withour 2 hour SLA 24/7 support